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Mission & Philosophy


The All Tribes American Indian Charter School strives to establish a foundation that will promote higher learning standards and achievement through exploring diverse experience, opportunities, and interests while adjusting to the learning needs of our students.

All Tribes American Indian Charter School provides a unique culturally enhanced program where student are encouraged to use the skills taught to master grade level standards as determined by a variety of practical and alternative assessments.

Students will graduate with the knowledge, motivation and inspiration to be self-confident contributing members of society.


“If students don’t learn the way we teach them, we must teach the way they learn.”

The common vision shared by the parents, students many teachers and community members who have provided input for this proposal (school) is that a rigorous and engaging educational program must be provided in the context of a traditional American Indian learning process. A program that respects the integrity of each individual student. Everyone involved believes that every student has the ability to succeed if the appropriate educational opportunities and supports are provided for them.

It is believed that “Heavy doses of culture and language in the school are the anti-dote for the damage caused by the boarding schools and the public schools still perpetuating the colonialistic mentality.” It is believed that there are three basic things that help students (all students) to be successful in school and as productive citizens. These three things are:

1) Having a positive self-image and all of the issues surrounding identity; 2) Having your culture affirmed; and 3) Just having someone there who cares for you.

An important element to student success is relevance. If students see that the material and curriculum are relevant to them, they will work to achieve success. If things are not relevant to them, they will give up and not try. 

The “Student-centered” school philosophy views the student as the “centre of importance, not the curriculum.” It involves a break from the traditional "teacher lectures and student listens and take notes" format of instruction. The “Student-centered” program will strengthen our students’ self-motivation and persistence, building transitional skills and scaffolding students’ independent success levels, our students will progress and develop overall academic success. The students will be assigned with open-ended questions, problems requiring critical or creative thinking that cannot be solved by following text examples. Students will be involved in simulations and role-playing. A variety of “unconventional writing exercises” will be utilized. Self-paced and/or cooperative (team-based) learning will be assigned to students. This type of program leads to increased motivation to learn, greater retention of knowledge, deeper understanding and a more positive attitude towards the subject being taught. This program is expected to be more conducive to the learning style of these students.

This School is an Alternative, Not an Escape!