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Principal's Message

Welcome to the All Tribes Charter & All Tribes Elementary Charter School 2019-20 School year.  There are lots of things going on this school year.  You will notice that we will (or do) have a new electric School Sign along Valley Center Road.
The playground has had some work done to provide more activities for our students.  There will be more order on the playground this year.
We will be welcoming four or five new school teachers to our staff.  Mrs. Ghosh has left for personal family reasons.  Mr. N and Coach Ian are not returning this year.  We will be hiring a new TK teacher and we are working on another teaching position.
This is a Petition Renewal year for both schools.  Charter schools are approved for periods of five years at a time.  Our Petition will expire in June of 2020.  We must prepare a Renewal Petition for the Warner School Board to approve.  This will be our fourth Petition Renewal.  
Our Charter School WASC Accreditation is due for renewal this year as well.  Charter has been WASC Accredited since 2006 and has maintained its good standing since.Staff has been working on both the Petition and WASC Renewals since last school year.  Both of these Renewals are very important to the operation of this school.  We will need the assistance of our Parents with both the Renewal and the Accreditation this year.  We will have more information about these upcoming events as the year progresses.
Here’s to hoping for a wonderful school year for our new and returning staff members, new and returning students, all our parents and our Governance Council.