GO FUND ME account started

         The $3.4 million Federal grant has paid for the new school building but extras are our responsibility.  We have a security system with cameras for the protection of our students and staff which is a forty ($40,000) thousand dollar expense.  The new phone system is at an expense of twenty ($20,000) thousand dollars.  We need new shelving and Smart Boards for the classrooms. We have put a seventy-five ($75,000) thousand limit on the fund.  
         Please use the following link to connect to our account:   gofund.me/jjjfxpr8.  As All Tribes is a 501c3 Non Profit all donations may be written off on taxes.
        Additionally, we have a quote of $63,000 for a Snap Sports Floor for the new gym with markings for basketball and volleyball.  That has not been installed yet.